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What is their story?

Lord Balderdash challenges you to come up with a back story for one or maybe two of these charming individuals…

Lord Balderdash's Bio

Lord Balderdash was born in London in 1829. He has been alive for almost 200 years and in that time has founded several newspapers, won a bronze medal in the first Olympiad, and has written five novels. His first big break as journalist was his vivid coverage of the Crimean War 1853-1856. An advisor to governments, royalty, and publishers, Lord Balderdash today spends his time working as an artist and on occasion he might be seen at the races or reading one of his many newspapers in tea shops.

Mr. Mondragon

Of Columbian and Lebanese lineage, Mr. Mondragon is the Mr. Rick of Bogota. A nice casino, intrigue, and a winning smile… What do you think?

Mr. Z

He looks like he might be a math teacher, one who can recipe some pretty difficult calculus problems in seconds or he might be a retired professional athlete. What do you think?

Mr Resalius

A conductor who is more at home in an outdoor concert playing “The Start Spangled Banner” than in an orchestra hall playing Mozart. What do you think?

Anthony Fritzel

Music teacher…musicologist, band leader, he is deranged in his obsession with perfect tunes and at times happily deranged…

Dr. Lou

Dr. Mo loves everyone and his patients, but in this particular pic—we see the face that he does not show to the world. That of a man who feels he’s always on the losing side and that every setback of his patient is a mortal wound to his soul.


Mr. Sven's Story

We think he might be a diplomat on some far-flung part of Earth participating in some very demoralizing peace talks. What do you think?


Dr. Riyad

He can tell you how much albumin there is in 100ccs of blood, he can recite the adverse effects of all sorts of medications and is a human textbook of medicine. Should we be so lucky to have him as our doc? What do you think?


Mr. Armand

A smooth name and a nicely trimmed goatee, but that is not the whole story. We think that if crossed Mr. Armand will be more than a formidable foe. What do you think?

Mr. Jeppsens

A talented man who dedicates his life to his students in a college, he is strict and at times can be seen smiling while informing a student that they need to retake European History. What do you think?

Mr. Whale's story

You go to Mr. Whale when you want to have someone add your bills and let you know that unlike a whale your bank account must be oh so much like a goldfish… What do you think?

Mr Cantwell's story

It seems that he is looking above a precipice and is suffering from a fear of heights. What do you think?

Mr. Evetz

He looks a little distressed or perhaps he is a poet who just learned he won the Nobel Prize.  What do you think?

Mr Barney

Barney is your good-natured insurance guy, never pushy and never one to see a pound of fat on a client and then find a way to charge a higher premium. What do you think?

Monsieur Pierre

You never find out the last name of Mr. Pierre–he is simply that Mr. Pierre. Some have teased him about having Peter Lorre eyes, but his eyes are from worrying not being creepy!

Mr Wolfgang Dietrich

He looks like one of those innkeepers who revel in letting a traveler know that he does not even have a cot left for accommodation and as a matter of fact within 100 square miles there are no rooms! What to you think his story is?

Mr Grins

Yes, but does he grin or is that a sort of villainous look from someone who makes sport of everything, only those he makes sport of are never his friends.  What do you think?

Mr Oztan

Mr. Oztan can be seen in several night clubs in Ankara with a cigar, a lot of cologne, and a sly smile. What do you think?