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Monsieur Pierre

You never find out the last name of Mr. Pierre–he is simply that Mr. Pierre. Some have teased him about having Peter Lorre eyes, but his eyes are from worrying not being creepy!

Mr. Whale

You go to Mr. Whale when you want to have someone add your bills and let you know that unlike a whale your bank account must be oh so much like a goldfish… 11 x8.5 signed

Dr Lou

Dr. Lou Dr. Mo loves everyone and his patients, but in this particular pic—we see the face that he does not show to the world. That of a man who feels he’s always on the losing side and that every setback of his patient is a mortal wound to his soul.


A nice man, he loves HP sauce, family, his kids, and is reluctant to dress up—only on this occasion where he’s dad of the bride… 11 x8.5 signed