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Hello Good Friends,
I find myself wishing everyone a happy fourth of July. From a Victorian perspective, I find it to be a waste of money—I think that gunpowder could be put to a better use—for example it could be stockpiled for an emergency. Also, one of my great grandfather was William Petty and your troops gave him a damned good thrashing. Also, it too me a century to forgive the execution of Major Andre.

Now that I’ve said several negative things, I think I should start with the positive. I do enjoy the United States and love to travel in these moveable cards that have all sorts of perks from moving pictures, a cool fan, and even a massage. Also, I despite the fact that I never eat with my fingers I do love barbecue ribs.

So without further ado, a belated Happy Fourth of July.


Postscript: Fans and groupies, in case you’re looking for me, I’m on my yacht in Monaco.