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Lord Balderdash

Lord Balderdash has been around for almost 200 years. He has seen war, tragedy, human folly, and has survived all of them (including a bout of the Spanish Flu). He has attributed his longevity to reveling in the lighter side of the human experience. And to that end he sketched all sorts of characters, from diplomats, waiters, engineers, people who have no profession… you get the idea. And he is proud to present his sketches to the world and asks you all to create enticing back stories based upon looking at his works of art.  Lord Balderdash rarely gives interviews and does not cite his age for retiring nature in front of the media. I have only interviewed him once and his journalistic background meant that he was asking all the questions. Rather than subject a journalist to his questions and curiosity and his habit of taking his sketchbook out and creating art based off of his interview subject, he prefers to let his work speak for itself. He exercises daily (not at a gym) and refuses to share the exercise routine he started with Prime Minister Gladstone. And ever the wonderer he can be seen in London, Monaco, Caan, Bilbao, Graveson, Barcelona, Vienna, Corfu, The Canary Islands, London, Paris, and New York City.